Join us for an immersive virtual conservation workshop where you’ll join Shannon Elizabeth and our team for a procedure on Munu the Rhino. Munu is a rare type of Black Rhino who was blinded during territorial fights with other rhinos and his chances of making it out in the wild looked slim. The fighting left him with both his retinas detached. Arrangements were for his relocation to Founders Lodge where is now homed in a secure and spacious sanctuary where is cared for. The time has come for Munu’s horn to be removed, as it poses a very real risk to his safety because of its value on the black market and the spike in poaching during the current pandemic. Rest assured that the procedure will not be painful for Munu, as rhino horn is made of keratin – the same stuff as our hair and nails. Munu is part of a bigger conservation breeding plan to increase the numbers of this rare subspecies for release into the wild. The funds raised from this masterclass will go towards caring for Munu, administered by the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation.

What you’ll learn and experience:

  • The importance of preserving biodiversity
  • What rhino conservation means for all wildlife
  • Why every rhino matters
  • What is entailed in a rhino veterinary procedure – as explained and demonstrated by veterinarian Keith Ross
  • How we are using AI – Artificial Intelligence – as a tool to fight rhino poaching – presented by Brett Barlow, wildlife security expert
  • The conservation story of Munu’s home at Founders Lodge – presented by Adrian Gardiner, conservationist and founder of the Mantis Collection hospitality group
  • How lessons from wildlife conservation can be applied to business and leadership – presented by Paul Gardiner, EcoVenturer and CEO of the Mantis Collection
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